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Updating Membership List

The 'BTC Roster Master' in google docs along with MailChimp hosts our updated contacts.   

New members join online via Eventbrite or hard mail in the membership form to our treasurer.

At least twice a month, Secretary and Treasurer should update the Master Roster and MailChip with new memberships.  Treasurer should manually enter info from mail received and Secretary should make updates from Eventbrite.

Here is the Q4 Membership Site link in Eventbrite, http://bigtenmembership2011q4.eventbrite.com/.
There are 3 membership renewals in November.  One can run a report or manually go one by one to get new sign up's info, including payment.  Insert data into Google Docs Master Roster AND MailChimp.  

Step 1:  Get new sign ups from Eventbrite.  
Once logged into EB, go to Event, Manage, Event Reports, Attendee Summary and can either view or download members info

Step 2:  Insert info into Google Docs Master Roster 

Step 3:  Enter info into MailChimp