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Tournament of Roses

Big Ten Club and Tournament of Roses have been associated since 1946 with the first Caucus.

Three major events a year with the TOR:
Spring - Person of the Year
Fall - Caucus
December - Queens Luncheon
Plus: January - Rose Bowl

Pasadena Tournament of Roses
Wrigley Mansion
391 South Orange Grove Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91184
t. 626.449.4100
f. 626.405.9416

Executive Director:  William B. Flinn
Former ED's: Scott McKibben, Mitch Dorger, mdorger@rosemail.org

COO:  Jeffrey Allen, 
jallen@rosemail.org, Rose Bowl ticket coordinator

Director, Membership Services:  Katie McFadden, ILL grad, main BTC contact for scheduling events, kmcfadden@rosemail.org

Past President, Ron Okum, big Big Ten Club supporter, ronokum@earthlink.net

Pam Walker, updates Distinguished Ticket List for new Big Ten Club President annually

Corky Conzonire – 2009
Gary DiSano – 2010
Jeff Throop – 2011
Rick Jackson – 2012
Sally Bixby – 2013
Scott Jenkins – 2014
Richard Chinen – 2015
Mike Matthiessen – 2016