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Contest held every year at the annual Caucus.  People pay $1 and must pick the correct two teams in the Rose Bowl plus the right winner to win pot.  If no one wins, carries over to the next year.  Contest entries are entered into Google Docs and Treasurer keeps $$.

Big Ten Football Kickoff Party – Road to the Rose Bowl - featuring 2014 Person of the Year - Bob Miller (68th Caucus)

August 23, 2014




This is your chance to prove your football intellect and/or school pride!


How to Play:

Pay a buck.

Predict this year’s Rose Bowl teams, score & winner.

Write your name down.

Attend next year’s Caucus for results and hopefully collect winnings.




                   TEAMS                         SCORE               WINNER


Team 1: ________________           _______ pts                       ____  check one


Team 2: ________________           _______ pts                       ____



MY NAME IS ____________________________.


Contact Phone and/or email:  ___________________________________________.


To win this “swindle” you must pick the 2 correct teams and the correct winning team.  If more than one entrant picks the correct teams and the winner, the person who comes closest to the final score wins. If no one picks correctly, the pot carries over to next year’s Swindle.   Good Luck and GO BIG TEN!

Swindle Caucus Contest

Robert Webb,
Aug 20, 2014, 12:03 PM