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Officer Duties

The four officers are the leadership of the BTC. Officers term is from April 1st to March 31st, which coincides with our tax year. A new officer is nominated and approved by the current officers and active past presidents. Officer term is a four year commitment. Officers serve 1 terms in each position, escalating up from Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and finally President. 

Very important to have training for new roles - preferably at an annual "retreat" hosted by the incoming President.

President – Responsible for ultimate direction and leadership of the Club. Runs Officers & Directors meetings.  Duties include setting and maintaining the annual schedule, leading the officers & directors meetings, and serving as the main interface with the Tournament of Roses. President should take out current TOR President for lunch at beginning of their term.  
A few benefits include VIP Rose Bowl Parade passes, 50 yard line Rose Bowl tickets, a trip to Chicago for the Big Ten Media Days, 2 seats at their Person of the Year Emeritus Induction Ceremony and an appreciation plaque.  Need to annually update Pam Walker at TOR with the incoming BTC President contact info to be included on the distinguished guest ticket list. 

Vice President – Serves as the COO overseeing all Club events 
and sends monthly BOD newsletter.  Double checks the events are properly organized, promoted and on the schedule.  Serves as Liaison to Directors. r. Helps recruit and motivate Director positions and follows up to make sure they are promoting all Big Ten Club events to their local chapters as well as sharing their local events with the BTC. 

Treasurer – Responsible for all finances of the Club.  Along with the Secretary, they maintain the master roster google docs. The major annual project is handling the Rose Bowl ticket distribution. Fiscal year is from April 1 thru March 31.  Track financials for each event, insert into expense & income into google docs, write checks, reconcile bank statements, set up quarterly eventbrite membership 'events' for new members and update on main BTC site, update master roster with dues payments, update bank account signature with new Secretary name, prepare treasurer reports for Officers & Directors meetings, prepare tax info to give to Brian Harris 3/31. Special project is the membership drive. 

Secretary –  Sends out event notices including BOD meetings and oversees the creation and distribution of newsletter, meeting minutes, bringing table top flags, taking attendance and coordinating event registration with treasurer.  Special project is the membership drive.