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Director Duties

Director Desired Experience Statement:

As a director of the Big Ten Club, I help connect Big Ten alumni and fans in my area with the BTC by fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. I am a valued member of a team of leaders who look forward to continuing the traditions and high standards that began with the Club Foundation in 1933.   And I HAVE FUN DOING IT!!

 Directors Checklist


 Attend  Quarterly Directors Meetings 
 Attend Big Ten Club EventsPerson of the Year, Hollywood Bowl, Caucus, Happy Hour, Queens Luncheon, Rose Bowl, LA Food Bank 
Recruit new members 

Learn about the Club

Carry BTC business cards

Have a 30 Second Elevator Pitch

Participate in the membership contest 
 Promote BTC events to local clubs

Maintain a strong relationship with the local alumni and the national chapter.

Attend local alumni association board meetings to discuss the club and offer to cross promote events.  
Update your University page on the BTC website monthly with Local Alumni Contacts, Info and Events The BTC Website has the opportunity to centralize all B1G Ten Alumni Activity in Southern California.  
 Co-host or sponsor 1 event every 2 yearsGreat way to connect with Big Ten Members 
 BTC - Standard Operating Procedures


History, Bylaws,  Standards, Forms, Operations and Officer and Directors Duties 

Key Contacts:

Liaison to Directors, COO of Events, Event Ideas

Joan McLane, VP - vicepresident@bigtenclub.com

Add an Agenda Item, Website Help, Update Contact Info:

Emily Sauter, Secretary - secretary@bigtenclub.com

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