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Big Ten Club of Southern California

Since 1933 the Big Ten Club of Southern California has been uniting good Midwestern schooled folk for various local activities and events.  Plus, with the Club's long standing association with the Tournament of Roses, our members enjoy access to special private events and allotted Rose Bowl Tickets. 
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October 23  6:00 PM - Midnight

Big 10 Club Night at Oktoberfest

Alpine Village, 833 W. Torrance Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90502

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Beer, Food and Lots of FUN! 


2015 Person of the Year 
Steve Alford, UCLA Head Coach
Indiana University Alumni

 What You Missed at the 2015 Person of the Year Dinner
Steve Alford's personality shown through as he told stories of growing up in the midwest playing for his father and the legendary coach Bobby Knight and how those experiences (which included getting locked in lockers) made him the coach that he is today. 

My favorite anecdote was when he did a free-throw contest with his star point guard in practice in his early coaching days. The contest was to shoot until you miss. He let the kid go first - who calmly sank 37 free-throws in a row until he missed. Guess how many consecutive ones Coach Alford made that afternoon?  219! Amazing right?
Alvin Chang, BTC President 

2013 Person of the Year
Mark Murphy, 
Green Bay Packers
President and CEO